I made my first bag in 2010 in order to create some new and extraordinary stuff. Some months later one of my friends gave me an advertising tarpaulin with a Coca-Cola logo on it to make a bag for him. Thanks to the special sample, and the flashy belt strap and buckle it succeeded so well that the rumour started to spread quickly amongst friends.

Smaller orders began to arrive - bags and cases - from mostly friends in the beginning but after some time also from people I was not familiar with. They heard about the individual handmade bags. Another friend got the idea of using PaulJ as the name of the project so the brand was officially born.

Due to the diverse orders I started to learn and work with the materials. I also studied about the industry a bit and tried to collect as many knowledge as it was possible. Thanks to my ever expanding technical knowledge I got the courage to experiment and use new materials and technologies. I started working with leather, canvas, sails - which greatly expanded the field of designing and producing bags.

My main goal is to create all my clients a briefcase that provides maximum flexibility in terms of user needs, while it is also comfortable and well-designed so that the possessor loves and enjoys it fully. All PaulJ bags are unique and thanks to the careful choice of materials are also going to be durable.

If you’re interested in my work feel free to contact me!

Jelli Pál & Team PaulJ